Characters for OH LOOK A KITTEN!

Micah 16. Your average teen, but also a hero.
She has a good moral center but,
like any of us, is prone to distraction.
Taylor 16. Micah's best friend.
A bit of a goof.
Mom Micah's mom. Firm.
Seemingly well-intentioned.
Announcer Announcer for touchscreen games
and YouTube videos.
Cat/Catsby The ubiquitous cat for every viral cat video.      
Google A corporate spokesperson.
Also a sinster mastermind.
Wikipedia Another corporate spokesperson,
but a little more insecure.
Wikipedia Contributor Unemployed, angry, gross.      
Click Ad 1 An advertisement.      
Click Ad 2 An advertisement.      
Facebook A real lecherous creep.      
Jenny 16, female. A lonely teenager.      
Mark 16, male. A lonely teenager.      
Grandma Old, female.
A character in a touchscreen game.
Fiona 16. Obsessed with The Great Gatsby.
A vindictively loyal friend.
Amazon A very insecure salesperson.      
Click Bait 1 A link to a worthless article.      
Click Bait 2 A link to a worthless article.      
Ninja Pig Throwers Stealthy warriors in black.      
  EXPANDED VERSION - More Characters      
  We'll do as many of these as we can.      
Email An old timey prospector who talks
to you about your emails. Grandpa.
Rachel Star of her own makeup show.
Psychotically upbeat. Clinical narcissist.
Corban A professional gamer who is way over-
programmed and in desperate need of sleep.
Tinder A gross, self-absorbed dude who's way
into appearances. Hits on everybody.
Bing A sad middle management guy
who's never going to make it.
Amazon Prime Video A streaming service. A little needy.      
Hulu A pretty confident, but sometimes
insecure, streaming service.
HBO A slick, cocky streaming service. The
Don Draper of streaming services.
Netflix Almost godlike.
Powerful, scary, merciless.
Twitter Fast-talking, overcaffeinated,
overstimulated, with no morals.
Everdeen A sad, weird little person.      
Nina, but Russian A 40-year-old Russian man pretending
to be a teenage girl (and not
doing a very good job of it).
Instagram Self-absorbed and perfect and
having a better life than you.
Adam Shows off his pancakes on Instagram.      
Devon A hawt guy on Instagram. Reads
children's books to children online.
Snapchat A needy, used-to-be-your-best-friend type.      
Lounge Singer Holds up photos of Micah and Mom on
Facebook to celebrate 3 years of friendship.
Rachel Fan 1 Rachel's biggest fan.      
Rachel Fan 2 No, wait, this is Rachel's biggest fan.      
Rachel Fan 3 No! I was wrong.
Torch/Dark Web A sickly, creepy guy.
Always has a bad cold or bronchitis.
Nina Benson A young woman, activist and anti-internetist
who lives off the grid.