Beauty and the Beast Jr Logo
Congratulations to this year's Beauty and the Beast Jr Cast members!
Livy Adams   Madame De La Grande Bouche   Villager*    
Avery Arredondo   Cogsworth   Villager*    
Lily Arredondo   Narrator   Servant    
David Berry   Beast/Prince        
Max Berry   Shepherd Boy  


Brenna Carpenter   Babette   Villager*    
Bennet Collins   Lefou   Servant    
Allie DeFoster   Old Beggar Woman
  Servant   Wolf
Katie Griffith   Monsieur D'Arque   Villager*   Wolf
Robbie Gutierrez   Gaston   (Servant)    
Lily Luna   Mrs. Potts   Villager*    
Alex Pampell   Narrator   Servant    
Madeline Pogorzelski   Les Filles De La Ville   Servant   Wolf
Maya Rahman   Belle        
Rylie Robol   Narrator   Servant    
Mia Short   Bookseller   Servant   Villager
Phoenix Sjolund   Chip   Villager*    
Remington Sjolund   Maurice   Servant    
Milena Solano-Arango   Les Filles De La Ville   Servant   Wolf
Sofia Solano-Arango   Lumiere   Villager*    
Maja Stephens   Les Filles De La Ville   Servant   Wolf
Destiny Vargas   Narrator   Servant    
All Servants will sing and dance for "Be Our Guest"
*Other named Villager roles for "Belle" will include:
    Aristocratic Lady        
    Egg Seller        
    Sausage Curl Girl        
    Lady with Cane        
    Lady with Baby        
    Candle Seller        
Other role needed: Statue on page 30